Let me take you on a trip all around the island of Taiwan.

Hualien by night

Taroko Gorge

Tropic of Cancer

On the way – cemetery

Chengen Fuan Temple

Kenting National Park

Eluanpi lighthouse

Maobitou park


Kenting night market

Hengchun – South Gate

Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung – view of Sizihwan Bay from the Former British Consular Residence

Tainan, the oldest city on the island, is also called the temple city of Taiwan. You’ll find no less than 200 different temples here.

Random impressions of Tainan city

On the way to Alishan

Alishan National Forest – Giant tree trail

Xuanguang (Syuanguang) Temple at Sun Moon Lake

Syuentzang Temple (Holy Monk Shrine) at Sun Moon Lake

Wen Wu-temple dedicated to Confucius at Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake