Mouse Island | Corfu’s most photographed spot

Ulysses’ ship

Pontikonisi Island is situated just south of Corfu town near the resort of Perama and Kanoni. In summer, fishing boats depart frequently from the church of Panagia Vlacherna and go to the legendary Mouse Island, just 5 min boat ride. This lush green island took this name due to its tiny size. Pontikonisi Island means ‘Mouse Island’ in Greek. According to mythology, this rocky island is the ship of Ulysses that was stoned by god Poseidon. In the centre of the Mouse Island, there is the 11th or 12th century Byzantine church of Pantokrator which encloses the memorial tablets of Elizabeth Empress of Austria and Rodolfo archduke.

For Your Eyes Only

The islands south of Kanoni are by far the most iconic landscapes on Corfu, especially the whitewashed Vlacherna monastery. It goes without saying, that a James Bond movie had to get the camera rolling here.

In For Your Eyes Only (1981), the British government hired two archeologists to dive for a sunken submarine, that is equipped with a secret communication system. When the archeologists get assassinated, 007 (Roger Moore) is called for duty. He unites forces with Melina Havelock, the revengeful daughter of the deceased. On Greek island Corfu, both slowly start to appreciate not only the others will to kill – but also the comfort. The gentle love unfolds, when Bond pics up Melina at a yacht pier in front of Vlacherna monastery to discover charming Corfu’s main town Kerkyra.

 Isle of the Dead

The island of Pontikonisi might also have served as an inspiration for Arnold Böcklin’s famous painting ‘Isle of the Dead’.

No peace and quiet

Pontikonisi is located just behind the airport in Kanoni and the airplanes landing at Corfu are flying over the islets, not providing a very peaceful atmosphere. On top of the aircraft noise, there are the flocks of tourists visiting Vlacherna monastery. Not everyone bothers to take the boat to Pontikonisi though, so try your luck to chill out on the other side. Pontikonisi is probably the tiniest I’ve ever visited, but it does have its own souvenir shop…