Elba | Where the mountains rock

The Tuscan island of Elba has many faces. Of course, there are the beautiful beaches, but when you head inland for its mountainous interior, you’ll be rewarded with splendid hikes. And that’s just what I did.

All pictures were taken on these walks:

  1. Marciana Alta – Zancaย  – Marciana Marina
  2. Marciana – Poggio
  3. Poggio – Secchetto
  4. Madonna del Monte – Chiessi
  5. Poggio – Colline di Procchio – San Martino
  6. Monte Capanne

I became quite fascinated by the rock formations and the geology of Elba. Read more on the geological origins of Elba.






The crocodile


One comes across strange rock formations that remind of natural sculptures of animals, monsters and gnomes.













Theย Tower of San Giovanniย dates back approximately to the XII-XIII centuries when the Island of Elba, under the rule of the Republic of Pisa, needed to build a defence watchtower.