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Situated at an altitude of 375 m, Marciana is the highest town on the island and one of the oldest, as testified to by the Pisan Fortress that dominates the town, and in which the population took refuge during pirate attacks. The streets are very narrow and winding, and accessible only by foot. A footpath leaves from the town for the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte. Marciana is also the point of departure for the funicular to M. Capanne, where on clear days you can admire Elba and the surrounding islands in all their splendour.


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Poggio, a peaceful, old mountain town surrounded by chestnut trees. The pretty town square has a panoramic vista of M. Marina and some of the island. The typical alleys are paved in granite and wind up to the church of S. Niccolo, located at the highest point of the town.


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Portoferraio is the principle arrival point on the island and one of the most active tourist ports in Italy. Capital of Elba, it owes its importance to its beautiful natural port, used since ancient times by the Etruscans and Romans for the iron trade, the island having one of the most prosperous mines in Italy.

It is a small city rich in history; arriving by ferry you can admire the imposing Medici fortifications on the bay: Fort Falcon, Fort Stella (recognizable by its lighthouse) and the Linguella Tower (at the entrance of the harbor), all built in the 15th century to defend from the continuous pirate attacks.


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Capoliveri is an old town located on a high point 130 m above sea level. The quaint alleys have restaurants, bars and shops, many of which are for crafts.


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Rio Nell’Elba. It is thought to be the first town to have been inhabited on the island, and to have already been exploiting the mineral veins in the Neolithic period, as testified to by some finds in the grotto of S. Giuseppe.


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