Cape Verde Islands – Sal | Afloat In A Moonscape

Pedra de Lume on the island of Sal is an eerie looking ‘attraction’. An ancient volcanic crater set in a seemingly achromatic landscape. Inside salt flats with colours ranging from deep blues to incandescent reds and pinks reveal themselves. A place to take a free swim/float with a small cafe… Choose your moment wisely and enjoy a tranquil and outerworldy experience.

So why travel to the Dead Sea when you can float in a moonscape? Pardon, National Cultural Heritage site!

The Pedra de Lume (“fiery stone”) salt marshes are believed to have been discovered in 1793. The large-scale extraction of the salt, which at the time made Pedra de Lume Cape Verde’s first and best-equipped industrial pole – indeed, a small-gauge train line was even built to transport the salt.  The area of Pedra de Lume was classified as National Cultural Heritage on March 15th, 2012 by the Government of Cape Verde through the Ministry of Culture. This act represented the fulfillment of a long-standing dream on the part of the local population.

Yes, there are stunning sandy beaches on the island. Among the finest in the world according to connoisseurs. And for many thé reason to come. Whether you’re a beach lover or loather, just for one day, do justice to the history of Sal (“salt”).

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